Friday Night Lights Finds a New Home

I have received the exciting news that one of the Friday Night Lights photos has made the cover for this years page seventeen journal Issue 10.  Got a poem in there too so double the excitement.  Apart from the excitement in my household, I encourage you to check out this journal.  I know I am looking forward to seeing my copy arrive in my mailbox soon!!  Check out the facebook link to the page seventeen journal.  A big thanks to busybird publishing who publishes the journal it looks mighty fine.



Filed under Another Lost Shark, Ashley Martin, Cindy Keong Photography, Friday Night Lights Project, Photography

7 responses to “Friday Night Lights Finds a New Home

  1. Congratulations Cindy – that’s a great achievement. Your creativity is popping up all over the place these days.

  2. Congratulations, Cindy, any one of your FNL images is worthy of a cover.

    • Thanks Mark, this year long program as been totally a surprising project to work on, I had my doubts I could keep on producing week after week. I can’t believe it is nearly coming to an end… but hopefully it will have some other new home’s to showcase this most rewarding experience.

  3. Fantastic, Cindy – that’s wonderful news! Loved your poem too 🙂

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