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leaves fall
another year


dew drips
the time it takes
for a tear to fall



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low tide
rock pools hold
a piece of the sky





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                                     In this place of double standards and no
                                     welfare; life as a single mother is a precarious
                                     dance on the blade of a double-edged sword.

                                     Yet, when Aggie walks the
                                      roads of Sinon her back is
                                      straight her head held high.

                                      She dreams of a future in the eyes of
                                      her 4 year old son, Nelson Mandela.
                                      His name-sake, her hope.

                                      For him her feet do not hover over
                                      paths inclined to shift without notice, her gaze
                                      does not drop to the critic’s stare.

                                       Today we arrive at Aggie’s as
                                       the last images of dusk bleed into
                                       the inkiness of a starless night.

                                       Her accomplished smile and the glow
                                       of a kerosene lamp unveils her
                                       newly built home, her palace.

                                        A two roomed hut; dirt floors,
                                        no windows, the only air circulating
                                        through the gap between rafter and roof.

                                         Her kitchen a camp stove
                                         assembled on the floor between
                                         lounge chairs and a secondhand bed.

                                         As we devour the delights of mutton pilaw and
                                         coconut rice; we know this moment has less to
                                         do with the house, the company the meal;

                                          this is the moment where we share
                                          the first tastes of her

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