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High Tea


Short rains have arrived. Tired of
waiting the dry earth refuses to
part her lips.


With wings raised in
surrender, wadudu forfeit
their cover.


Children pluck at the air with
the same enthusiasm a
bat has for ripened fruit.


Discarding wings with surgical
precision, they return home
guarding a coffee tin full of spoil.


With a salt shaker ready and a
crackling fire; wide-eyed children
watch wadudu explode like popcorn.


* wadudu – (insects)



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City Lights in My Eyes





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Coffee Date

Union Square still dressed
for Christmas, neon blisters
buildings; a morse code of
flashes competing for attention.

Park steps, the perfect
amphitheatre view of
nightlife, a place to rest
my jet-lagged mind.

Beyond the endless parade
of Prada, the homeless skirt
the edges, like a breeze
nipping at exposed skin.

A man, I know as ‘Ray’, sees
the seat beside me as an opportunity, his
threadbare tracksuit and lack of coat, expose
a world I know nothing of.

He asks for money. Instead,
I pour half my coffee
into a crumpled paper
cup, he uses as a wallet.

After failed attempts to guess my
star sign, his conversation takes me
on a tour of San Francisco ending
abruptly on his last sip.

Ray tips a non-existent hat, his
ghostly form evaporating into
the busy crowd; leaving his impressions
of this city tingling on my flesh.

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